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“Why Every Day Should Be Thanks, Giving”

“Why Every Day Should Be Thanks, Giving” one Day of celebration is not enough to cover a lifetime of Giving.  That fact often gets lost on us during the hustle and bustle of that one Day.  A short story of Why.  What most take for granted others wish for the most.  I will use real photographs of people in this story because the story is true.  How did it all begin?  For Every family is different, this is how it started for my family.










This is a photograph of my Mom and the mother of 5 other children other than myself.  For us, it is Thanks, Giving every day, and at times we take if for granted but like so many others reading this article now, there will be a day we won’t. This is a photograph of the matriarch of our family.  She has her feet in the sand, in the small town her life began.   As she looks out over the Atlantic Ocean, only she and God know her thoughts.  Why does this place hold such an attraction for her?  Well, one could be this is where she watched my father, and he “plowed” the Ocean on one of these.









Yes, he was a Shrimp Boat Captain, and from our little cottage on the beach, she would show me, when I was five years old, which one of the boats my “Daddy” was on.  As I child that was reason enough “Why Every Day Should Be Thanks, Giving”  in his way, he passed the love of the Ocean to all his children in one form or another, and I don’t think you can find any dissent from anyone of us on that, however, I could be wrong.  I Think each one of us has our reasons for saying, “Why Every Day Should Be Thanks, Giving”  especially when it comes to our Mom.  I know that some readers have lost their Moms, but this article includes you as well, it just the way your story is told. Here is the question I pose, would you rather write your story now, while the one you love, will know how you feel about them while they are still alive?  Or would you rather wait, to tell their story at a “wake?”  I suppose it would not be the latter, so I suggest you tell your story now, don’t you?

This of from last year and this is where the title of “Why Every Day Should Be Thanks, Giving” fit’s into place.  Why should it be just one day when every day makes more sense.  Think about all the wasted time, then think about the tears, that will be shed if you or we don’t tell our story’s now.  Let that sink in.  There are too precious Mothers in this photograph, one is mine, and the other is that of my brother in law.  I needed to write this story now, even though Thanksgiving is fast approaching, why it’s simple tomorrow is promised to no one.  I am a storyteller, and there is a story to be told, right here and right now.  No regrets will there be on my part if one is not around, and that’s “Why Every Day Should Be Thanks, Giving” is a story I decided to write.  And again I ask you the question, what about you?  I don’t only write this story for me, I write it for my siblings, my children and all my Mothers Grandchildren.  I am a storyteller, it’s one of my passions, and this is what I do. 

I write it for my Sister, she is the one with the Red shirt on, she is busy asking “how long” does the food she is holding in her hands needs to cook.  They are both looking at the clock on the wall as “time” keeps marching on, and that’s another reason “Why Every Day Should Be Thanks, Giving” not just some set-aside day on a calendar in November.  These are precious memories that can be shared now, while my Mother is still around.  Words paint pictures, are we getting the picture yet?  For those who have lost their Mothers my humblest regrets, it is my hope you had told your story before it was too late.


Even though I am a grown man, I would wager If you have or had a Mother like mine, you would recognize the “look.”  The one that says with out speaking “that’s enough of that.”  She does not like her photograph taken without her permission, but that’s all part of  “Why Every Day Should Be Thanks, Giving” this article had to be written spontaneously now.  It’s the element of surprise for future generations to see, without the explanation of the “look”  it carries over from generation to generation.  Even for those that will never meet her in person, the “look” will be well understood, and they will understand where the “look” they get from their parents comes from.  And just maybe they will also understand that “Why Every Day Should Be Thanks, Giving” is so important for their aging parents or anyone we love.20141008_160807







We will end this story where we started out, with my Mothers visit to her birthplace on the East Coast of Florida.  If you take a look over her right shoulder, that white speck in the Ocean is a Shrimp Boat, and the story has come full circle.  So many more reasons “Why Every Day Should Be Thanks, Giving” it’s not a once a year thing, it should be an everyday thing.  Even though we live in a fast-paced world, there is no valid excuse you can sell me.  So now I have written my story, when will you write yours?

20141008_160715I have written the story of 2015, and now that it’s 2016 my Mother was not helping my Sister she was sitting in a chair.  We still her around for now.  But as the photograph shows there will be a day when all we will see, is the beach she walked on, so again that’s           “Why Every Day Should Be Thanks, Giving.” Has she read this story?  She has did she realize how much she is loved and cherished? She also does that.  So I ask you one more time, when will you tell your story of “Why Every Day Should Be Thanks, Giving”