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“Why The Life And Death Of Robin Williams May Help Those Of Us Who Suffer From Depression”

Depression!  Let that word roll around on  your tongue for a moment, did you taste anything, or feel anything at all?  Count your blessings if you didn’t, but the statistics are indisputable, that someone you know and love knows exactly what Depression tastes like, feels like and looks like.  I do, I have lived with bouts of Depression all my life,  so it’s personal to me and countless others, “Why The Life And Death Of Robin Williams May Help Those Of US Who Suffer From Depression.”  I choose to celebrate “Robin Williams Life” in this article, simply because it was his life that mattered most, and it was the life of the “creative genius”  that has opened the long overdue conversation on this all to often life ending condition of Depression.

The feature image for this article is a “Moon Flower” in all of its glory, this beautiful flower only blooms at night.  The image that will follow is the same “Moon Flower” but to look at it, in the full sunlight, you will hardly recognize it.  If Depression presented its self like this it would be easier to see, and recognize, and hopefully understand.  The truth is it does not, if we educated ourselves in what to look for, that in its self is a huge step forward.  There are some instances it does, such after a stroke, or traumatic event.  If  anyone thinks they are “immune” from depression, we are not.  There is no vaccination to prevent it,  in a blink of an eye,  life as we once knew it can change, and we can find ourselves in the grips of depression, the symptoms are subtle,  someone else will see it, before we see it ourselves it most cases.


This look can easily be attributed to, having a bad day, the danger is that when the days turn into weeks, or months, and even years, the odds are 99.9% it is Depression.  Not a slight case, rather a deep and debilitating, paralyzing life altering state of Depression.   Will you know it?  More than likely not, why?   We that suffer with Depression, tend to slowly start to isolate our selves, and withdraw into that deep dark hole I personally call “hell.” The situation compounds its self when the people we know and love, get used to  us not showing up, and there is no way fault them for that, some don’t have a clue about Depression.   It’s the 21st Century, and there is still a stigma attached, to the condition of the brain called Depression.  Now that is “Why The Life And Death Of Robin Williams May Help Those Of Us Who Suffer From Depression.”

The Deep Dark Hole Of Depression:

That description is often included in the same sentence as Depression.  From what we have all read and heard from countless media sources, Robin Williams, had descended into his own dark hole.  At times the hole is so deep and dark we can’t visualize  any possible way out.  I have a possibly you have to, had people very close to me, be in that “hell hole” so deep that the only way out, in their mind, was to end this precious thing we call life.   Unless you have been in that “hole” it is almost if not impossible to visualize.   There is a misconception, that we with depression, are weak, and have an uncreative mind.  Robin Williams was a creative genius, so I take personal exception, to that way of thinking, we with depression have to be creative in order to merely survive.   We that have suffered with depression can talk about that deep dark hole, until we are blue in the face, but you will never understand until you see it for yourself.  I will give you fair warning, what your about to see is what the “deep dark hole of hell” looks like to me, and for countless others I have talked to and shared it with.  One of the most dearest people in my life, saw it and told me it made them physically sick to their stomach, to actually see what I see and feel.  I personally take and create all the photographs you will find on this site, and it was such a “freedom” moment, being able to show in photograph’s the infamous hole of Depression.

IMG-20140830-03717This is what it looks like to me, trapped at the bottom, seeing the light, but unable to climb up the slick walls of the hole and get out.  Look familiar?   Let me make it very clear, not everyones “hole of depression” looks exactly like this one, but I can and will assure you they will be very,very similar.   I can also state truthfully, this is something you would not wish on your worst enemy,  no one deserves to be in a “hole” like this.


This “hole” of Depression is escapable, but I can promise you, there is no way out without help.  I am speaking of professional help, and I am not speaking of your family Doctor, I am speaking of the type Doctor that is trained in the brain and how it works.  Psychiatrist, or Psychologist, some may agree or disagree, about what I just wrote.  Why?  There is still a stigma attached to seeing one of these type Doctors too.  I personally think it is a National Disgrace, that seeing one of these specialist is so cost prohibitive in many cases, the basic question is this, what is our mind and life worth?  “Why The Life And Death Of Robin William May Help Those Of Us Who Suffer From Depression”  answers that question.   Robin Williams and I are the same age, and that is why this article is so personal for me.   Look Depression is not something we can talk our way out of, it is something we have to take action and do ourselves out of.  Do I see my “shrink” regularly, you can bet my life I do, am I ashamed to say so, what do you think, I have just written a complete article about Depression,  and its from first person experience.  I don’t write fiction, I only write what is true.  This next photograph is also true.  Sadly since I wrote this article,  my close friend, and fellow Veteran,  fell back into the hole you see below.  What was the result?  He took his own life, he who helped many, could not help himself!

IMG-20140831-03720This to me is one of the most important photographs in this article.  And yes those are my fingers at the top of the “hell” hole.  At this moment as I write this article, I am presently outside of the deep dark hole of Depression.   Did I get out myself?  What do you think, if you read the paragraph above you know the answer Let me share with you from the heart, why this is the most important picture,  we that suffer from Depression, know that we have to work at staying out, if not those fingers you see at the top will slowly but surely pull us back in.  Since I penned this article, the fingers at the top of the whole slowly drug me back down to hell its self.  Have I worked my way out again?  Yes, let me assure you it’s not an easy path, for anyone to navigate.  Why would I expose my self in this way?  If it can help anyone, that understands the words and knows the feeling.  Then I as a human being, have done my small part, to shed a light on the misconception that talking about Depression is a “dark” subject.  I enherited the gene, that made me more suseptable, simply that, is why I live with and try to help “folks” like me get through the tough times.  And what is the reward?  Why do we work so hard to stay out of the “hole” of Depression, we have too many of these that are waiting for us.

IMG-20140521-03200Yes that is a beautiful sunrise, it is the birth and hope of a brand new day.   Is this view worth the work, you can answer that question for yourself, I have answered it for me.  Why? After the dawn comes one of these.

IMG-20140516-03148And of course we enjoy a gorgeous sunset, for me the sunset is Gods promise of the coming dawn.  If you choose too, I am going to provide 2 links, one is a companion article on a different site I write on, and one is a link to some facts about Good Will Hunting, I found #2 and#5 quite revealing in “Why The Life And Death Of Robin Williams May Help Those Of Us Who Suffer From Depression”  be well!!