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“How Watching The Greatest Generation Tell Each Other Goodbye I Have Learned Incredible Lessons In Life”

Last week, in the month of May 2015  I was privileged to see, two people close to me, who have been friends for decades  “Tell  Each Other Goodbye.”  This was no ordinary goodbye, see you later type of parting, it was a tender hug, with tears in the eyes, see you on the other side goodbye.  My eyes filled with tears, as well as the daughter of the man, who came to take him home with her, not across town, rather a different state.  It was the dignity and grace, of the goodbye, that inspired me to write, “How Watching The Greatest Generation Tell Each Other Goodbye I Have Learned Incredible Lessons In Life.”  I write nonfiction stories, it is one of my burning passions, when a story wakes me up in the middle of the night, I know it’s the right time to tell it.  I write in first person when you see I, it includes you if it applies to you. The Greatest Generation” is a term coined by journalist Tom Brokaw,  he wrote a moving book , about the Generation that Saved the world, the Generation that is Saying Goodbye, as each day passes, the list of names, of the ones that are leaving us grows ever longer.

How Did The Generation of People called The Greatest Begin Their Lives:

image001Just like every other Generation, with hopes and dreams, young and fresh, just like the Orchid we see above.  They had jobs and families, some were National Heroes, in the arena of sports, life was good there was Freedom Independence and peace.  On December 7,th 1941, in the early hours of that Sunday morning, everything changed.  The Japanese  bombed Pearl Harbor, and an entire Generation found themselves at war.  What did they do?  They signed up, went to countries, some had not even heard of, fought to free people they didn’t know, they changed the world, that is what a Great Generation does.  Many made the ultimate sacrifice, but those who made it back picked up the pieces and carried on with their lives.  My Mother and Father, and many relatives, and friends of theirs are members of the Greatest Generation, and the life lessons I learned from watching them are not found in any history books.  I have asked many questions, and listened closely to each answer, The Greatest Generation Is Saying Goodbye so quickly the cold hard truth is, that in just a few short years they will be gone, then we can ask questions until we are blue in the face but we won’t hear or get any answers.

Who are these two people, that inspired me to write, How Watching The Greats  Generation Tell Each Other Goodbye I have Learned Incredible Lessons In Life?

One is my Mother, and the other was, one of my Fathers best friends.  We have already said Goodbye to my Father, and the man I saw say Goodbye to my Mother, had already said Goodbye to his wife.   Four people, who had been friends for decades, and now two remain, as the Greatest Generation fades away.  It’s what they did, and what they lived through, and how they came out on the other side, is what sets them apart from my Generation, the  “Boomer” Generation.  Ironically, the “Boomer” Generation, is the product of The Greatest Generation, the Incredible Lessons in life, we learned from them, inspired a social movement, that changed a Nation.  But that pales in comparison to the Greatest Generation, that changed, and it is said, saved the world.  As a side note, in Japan, they train Storytellers, who train’s them?  The survivors of the Atomic bombs, that fell on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, why?  So the Generations that follow will remember, part of a Generation, that was lost.

To Be Labeled Great Is One Thing, But The Greatest Is Something Extraordinarily  Special


The Greatest Generation lived through the crippling  grip of the Great Depression, unlike the Palm tree in the photograph above, there is no escape for it.  The Bayon tree’s grip is unappeasable, and in time, it will become encased into and become  part of the Bayon tree.  There is a Life Lesson, for me, in this photograph, stand still long enough and take no action, we are at certain risk of losing, our independence as individuals.   Not only did they live through the Great Depression, they navigated their way through the Great Recession.  I can recall what my Father thought about what brought on the Great Recession, and what he said about it, well let’s just say that most would be unprintable on a family friendly site.  But one of the things he said, was from what he and many, had learned from the Great Depression.  “Well the damn banks aren’t closed, there are no bread lines, there is plenty to eat in the deep freeze, and I learned always to have cash stashed away, and damn a bank anyway”  I recall reading a similar quote by Thomas Jefferson, although he spoke it a bit more eloquently,  it seems he had little respect for banks, and warned us all, what to expect when big banks become so powerful, they controlled your own money.  There is another battle, that some of us are watching the Greatest Generation Fight, and it’s something our Generation should be mad as hell about, this is a fight that most are not equipped with the knowledge, of how the world works today.

The Greatest Generation Are The Primary Targets Of Identity Thieves And Scam Artists:


Why is this such an epidemic?  There are several important reasons, just like the wasp in the photograph above, they prey on this Generation like the wasp is preying on a vulnerable, small unsuspecting moth.  The Greatest Generation knew a life where your word was your bond, a handshake closed the deal, and you got a loan simply by signing your name.  These snakes that call themselves people, know it and take full advantage the trust, the Greatest Generation are accustomed to.  What makes this travesty worse, is that many have no one around,  their phone seldom rings, and when it does with a convincing voice on the other end, they are hooked.  It’s not called Phishing, for nothing, you throw enough bait in the water and your bound to catch fish.  There was a recent study that is reliable,  that concluded the life expectancy of an elderly person after they have been the victim of Identity Theft, is on average just a short 18 months.  So called in home care givers, are among the worst, not all but more than we would like to think.  Another threat the Greatest Generation has to face, but this time, they are out “gunned” cold hard true unforgivable facts.  At the  time of this writing, there are many care givers for a member of the Greatest Generation, in our family.  We have educated her on the way these scum bags work, she doesn’t open a strange looking email, and does not talk to, anyone she does not know on the phone.  I will give you an example of what the Greatest Generation is up against.  Copy and paste the following phone number into your search box, I prefer Google for this, 8774456992.  If you did and saw who the say they are, you and I can see how a Generation raised on trust, would fall for that, and give them any information they were asked to give.  The number is real, and so was the call, this site is for nonfiction stories, and nothing fictional about this Identity Theft Scam.

Why I Write About The Greatest Generation Saying Goodbye:

It’s quite simple, like it or not, my Generation is next in line to say Goodbye, to our old friends.  Quite frankly some of us already have, Incredible Lessons In Life, often present themselves, at the most unexpected times, and if we choose, we can leave behind Lessons of our own.  The one’s that have left before me, would expect that I should carry on and lead a full life.  My best friend of more than 50 years, is gone.  We often talked about what we would expect of the one left behind, promises made between two old friends, he would have held up his end of the bargin, as I will follow through with mine.

Is The  Greatest Generation The Greatest Of All Time

That is a question only history will answer, but for now, they are.  I use photographs of Nature to explain things, to me in my life, and the photograph of a simple Banana Tree, explains it for me, eloquently and simply.


At the top are the Generations, that are now, and as we look down,we see the Generations that follow.  Look at the top of the pod, and underneath the bright red covering, is the Generations, being “born.”  And what we can’t see are the Generations, yet to be.  It doesn’t take much imagination, if you are familiar with anatomy, that the pod with  leaves yet unopened, strongly resembles, a womb.  The cycle of life, depicted, simply and plainly, in one of Natures gifts, a Banana Tree.

“How Watching The Greatest Generation Tell Each Other Goodbye I Have Learned Incredible Lessons In Life”  Is a true story of Two very Special people in my life.  If you have people in your life, that you wish to share this with, please do.  Be Well.