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“1New Website About Changes We Have In Common”

IMG-20140605-03344Lead Follow Or Find A New Way, was created with the simple idea that “1New Website About Changes We Have In Common” will only be the start of a unique interactive conversation.   The photograph above is a simple reflection of a boat dock.  I can tell you from personal observation that a boat has never been moored at that location.   What will it take to get a return on the investment made?  You guessed it, someone who has the courage to Lead Follow Or Find A New Way. “Changes We Have In Common”  without change there is no growth whether,  personal or business, its the common denominator in the thing we call life.

IMG-20140617-03519These flowers are much like us, they change and grow bright, and then they fade away.  As we can plainly see, what “We Have In Common” are the new buds, that will grow into beautiful flowers.  Think of it this way,  the buds could easily represent our children, or for those who have not been blessed with children, there are plenty of “buds” or children if you please, to nurture and teach.  They represent the next generation, have you ever imagined, we had so much in “common” with a vining flower?  That precisely why I am thrilled  about “1 New Website About Changes We Have In Common” better known as Lead Follow Or Find A New Way.

IMG-20140822-03703It was on boat such as this, that I learned so much about life.  There were no two days, or nights, alike.  Changes were a common everyday thing.  Volumes can be written about life on one of these.  “1 New Website About Changes We Have In Common” is the first article written on the Website, leadfolloworfindanewway.com it’s just the beginning, simply stated, in todays world we all have more in common than we think.  And that my friends boggles the imagination!