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“Don’t Read This Unless You Have Time To Change A Life For The Better”

“Don’t Read This Unless You Have Time To Change A Life For The Better” should go without saying.  It is so easy to “Change A Life” for the worse, but the results of these type actions can, and often do last  a lifetime, with such devastating results, there are Civil Laws, that go by the name Slander, Slanderous or in criminal cases Perjury, to get right to the point, an outright lie.  That kind of “Time To Change A Life”, usually, results in the loss of money and or “time.”  It has been my observation, and I am sure yours as well, that it makes no difference, in the amount of money we have, it won’t buy one second more “time” of “life” when our proverbial, jig is up, and it comes to something we all must do, and that is die.  Now the question is, which has more value, “time” or money?  I will choose “time” hands down every time, and that’s what the story of “Don’t Read This Unless You Have Time To Change A Life For The Better” is all about.

When Time Changes 2 Lives, The 1 You Give It 2 And Yours:


What does a barren front yard, have to do with the “Change Of A Life For The Better?”  Everything, in just a short period of “Time” in the overall scope of “Life,” a transformation will occur, not only in the appearance of the home, but also the life of the person who lives there.  What did the transformation cost?  Only time, the rest with the exception of 4 plant pots, 4 small Hibiscus bushes, several bags of lava rocks, and 3 large bags of potting soil, were all free gifts from Nature.  Again all that was required, was a little time, and knowing where to look, to find them, harvest 7 Coconut Palms, 3 Banana Trees, someone had dug up and were throwing away, and 1 Plantain Tree, that was also, on its way to a landfill.  Was this “time” well spent, in “Changing a Life For The Better?”  You be the judge, as the story unfolds, with words, and photographs.  Whose Life has the small gift of “time” changed for the better?  One of my Brothers, and  mine, and like every story, there is a story within a story, when we take “time” to read between the lines.  Change, can often be difficult,and like the labels on many products we use, there is a warning reminder, ” before use read the accompanying directions, may cause change” followed by contact information, for those of us that have questions on possible changes that may occur upon application, for best results ask first.

Change A Life For The Better Is Simple, Plant The Seed Of Self esteem:

For those of us who have been blessed with the gift of knowledge  to change our life for the better, giving our time to those that don’t, is more valuable than money, self esteem is a feeling, that can’t be bought, it is something that comes from the inside out.  The story within a story.

IMG-20140201-03011The  seeds of “change”  are not always obvious or simple to find,  what we see is the seed of a Coconut Palm, hidden deep, within dead leaves, and covered by a canopy of trees and bushes above it which if not taken and transplanted, would die before it was able to fulfill its full potential,  of providing both fruit and shade from the summer sun that is so prevalent, in South Florida.  Did the “Change make the Life of the tree Better?”  You can decide that for yourself, but it did Change the life of the persons yard it ended up in “For The Better” I will assure you it has.  People are seeds as well, full of potential and usefulness, and a little “Time” given freely, is all that is needed to “Change A Life For The Better.”  It bears repeating, the commitment, of our time, is a gift that does not require money, it is a part of ourselves, we give freely, with the intent and hope to “Change A Life For The Better” money can’t buy a gift from our heart, that’s nonfiction as pure as it gets.  The story within a story, continues and someplace buried deep inside, you will find your own, story of “Changing A Life For The Better,”  if you have not yet, you will, it’s just a matter of “Time.”

IMG-20140513-03108It only took a small amount of Time, to find these seven Coconut Palm Tree seeds, they really were not hard to find, I just knew where to look.  Then a little more time to prepare the soil and plant them, and keep them watered until they took root and began to grow.  Did it “Change A Life For The Better?” it has.  You see, the yard they are into, belongs to one of my brothers,  and even though he is older in years,  he can’t do things that, all to many take for granted.  Now that answers the question, of “Don’t Read This Unless You Have The Time To Change A Life For The Better.”


Change, in this case has taken time,  this is the same tree, that has grown from the seed, in the first photograph.  The tree is much larger now, this photograph was taken, about six months ago, some changes are instant, while others take the commitment of time.  Yes it takes my time to water,weed, and prune, all seven of the trees that were planted, but the payoff for me, and my brother, is when people stop while my brother is out in his yard, and ask does someone new live there?  Has such a small thing as Time Changed his life for the better?  If you were able to see the pride in his eyes, when he says with a big smile, no I still live here, and then asks, “how do you like the change, that a few plants and trees make my house look now?”  As a credit card commercial says, “it’s priceless.”  The story within the story, continues, somewhere between the lines you will find yours.

SONY DSCOne of the things, he is most proud of are his flowers, they bring an extra touch, that has transformed, and once barren space in front of his home, into an array of beautiful colors, that as I mentioned, folks passing by stop and admire.  It only took a little time, and know  how, to change his “Life For The Better” self esteem, was improved, by knowing he was not different due to a barren yard, but was different, simply because he has a yard was better than some of his long time neighbors.   How did the simple gift of time, change my life for the better?  It is as simple as a photograph.

SONY DSCThe photograph, I was able to capture, was a result of the “Time To Change A Life For The Better.”  It’s a yellow butterfly, sipping nectar from the reservoir of nectar from the Yellow Hibiscus flower.  What made it so unique, was in the photograph, you can actually see, the tongue, of the butterfly, fully extended into the nectar well as it is sipping part of its nutritional need for that day.  I was fortunate enough to have the photograph, published in a weekly publication,  that is partly dedicated to unusual photographs, of depicting the diversity and beauty of South Florida Nature.  That simple shot, has also, “Changed A Life For The Better” mine.  Doors were opened, that were previously closed.  It a humbling experience to be published, but more humbling to me is that someone would want to buy, a creation that I had made.  And all it took was a little time.

The Time To Change A Life For The Better Is An Ongoing Process :

IMG-20141026-03806From a barren yard, and a planter full of weeds and sand, to a transformation, to this.  Just time, and a desire to Change A Life For The Better.  The banana trees, that are in the top right corner, of the photograph, have now grown, to the height of six feet tall or just a little higher.  At the time of this writing three, are now bearing bananas, we started out with one, and now through regeneration, at last, count, there were thirteen.  Now, what would you expect my brother to do with the fruit once it becomes ripe and edible?  If you think he would keep them and enjoy them himself, you may be surprised, that is not the intent at all.  He has been the 12th man on a local football team for close to 40 years, and when the fruit get ripe, he will take them and give them to his “boys” for the potassium they possess.    He also gives his time, “To Change A Life For The Better” himself.  Have you found your story within this story yet?  It’s there, written between the lines, of this story, which is not only mine but yours.  I am just, the one that is writing it.  That is the blessing for me, being a”Storyteller.”


One of the things that my brother is really proud of, is his banana trees, that have undergone change, as he has watched, he had never seen how bananas are made naturally, and when we learn something new it usually, Changes A Life For The Better.  I and others receive a call from him each time he sees something new.


His trees, now have banana pods and fruit like these.


It may not be a life-changing the experience for you or me, but for him, he has seen with his own eyes, how banana really grows, and yes they are a little different from what he sees on the grocery store shelf.  They are his, and have grown in a yard, that was once a barren, piece of land.  Was it time well spent, for me, to play a role in Changing A Life For The Better?  You can be the judge of that, I already know my answer.  Have you found your story within this story yet?  Maybe you will as this story continues.

IMG-20140513-03109In this case, he has five siblings, and a mother who is still living, brothers and a sister, who along with their spouses, all take the Time To Change A Life for the better.  One is in charge of his financial obligations, to ensure his bills are paid on time, and the truth is I am glad that I only contribute to his yard and small repairs that I can do.  He takes a “bag” full of receipts of the money he has spent during the past week, to his brother who ensures his bills are paid, and balances out his accounts, does this take time he freely gives, to sort everything out, I can assure it does, that’s why I am happy it’s him and not me.  It can get complicated at times, but he has the “right” temperament, for the job.  He has other brothers, that have contacts, with professional contractors for the bigger and more complicated jobs, for repairs that have to be done.  He has a sister, who is a fraud specialist,  who keeps him up to date on all the scams going on, and because the doesn’t use or have a computer, all his scams come over his phone.  He has sisters in law, that are in the medical field that keeps and a close eye, on his legs.  His is diabetic and does not feel when he bumps, into something, which most times, results to a wound on his legs.   And of course, our Mother, who is in charge, of all the important legal aspects of his life.  One sister in law, took the time to grow two avocado trees from seeds, and now they are planted in his yard, it took her three years to get them to point, where they will grow, with a little care and water, was Time To Change A Life For The Better, exhibited by all those I have mentioned, the flat answer is yes.

Your story, of Taking Time To Change A Life For The Better, is someplace, within this nonfiction story I have just written.  The circumstances may be different, but the storyline will be quite similar. It is a small thing in the scope of a lifetime, when as the title says. ” Don’t Read This Unless You Have The Time To Change A Life For The Better.”  Be Well!!