“Alzheimer’s And A Lady Named Grace”

“Alzheimer’s And A Lady Named Grace”  is a true story that many can relate to.  In this case, the Lady Named Grace was my Aunt.  I choose not to elaborate on the terrible disease that took her life; I choose to share some stories of her 90 years and a full life.   She was a Florida girl, born and raised on Amelia Island,  a member of the Greatest Generation,  in her own way she played a part in the defense of our nation, and as part of a Grateful Nation, I thank her for that.  She was a Lady full of elegance, always dressed to the nine’s, and she had her own unique style.  You always knew when Grace was around by the smell of sweet perfume and a contagious laugh that filled the room.   The photograph below reminded me of Grace when she looked her best.  Soft and subtle, with a flair for the uniquely bold.

IMG-20140629-03592Grace loved flowers, but I suppose some of the things she loved most, were the Sea Shells she found on the beaches of Sanibel and Captiva Islands on Florida’s West Coast.  They were her home long before any bridges were built, you either took the ferry or as she often did travel on the mail boat to come into town.  You would be hard pressed to find a shell she didn’t know the name of and gave a history lesson about it, and it’s place of origin.  Grace had a mind that was sharp as a tack with an imagination to match.  The art work she created with the shells she found was one of her greatest pleasures in life.  There was nothing more that she loved more than having the beach sand running through her toes.



“A Lady Named Grace” led a full life, good times and bad, she managed to get through, and I suppose that’s all we can hope for, yes I am talking about you and me.  Will she be missed of course she will, is there places that will keep her memory alive, the short answer is yes, each time those of us that loved and cherished the Lady Named Grace, make a visit to some of her favorite places.

IMG-20141016-03794Her memory can be found here,  these were the important parts of her life.

IMG-20141016-03797The Lady Named Grace, was a free spirit, much like these gulls.  If you are blessed with a life like that, it is my belief, the purpose of for being on earth has been fulfilled .

IMG-20141016-03799The sun has set on the life of the “Lady Named Grace”  but who she was and what she was, lives on.  Yes, the Lady Named Grace was my Aunt, my Mothers oldest sister, she was also the Mother of two sons.  I was lucky enough to know her and blessed with many great memories.  I have children and grandchildren who don’t know much at all about the Lady Named Grace, but they will now.  I have been blessed to be a nonfiction storyteller; I have told this story because it needed to be shared. Otherwise the story of “Alzheimer’s And A Lady Named Grace” would be lost.  I leave you with this question, what story do you need to tell?  As we age. And I as speaking to my generation, the baby boomers.  Alzheimer’s is a real threat; there are people I know that are walking down that down the dark, road.  There are so many caregivers, who know what I mean.  But the important question is this:  Have we made our plans, written down and made nice it legal?  It came to me that I had to make sure my wishes were carried out.  Have you noticed how many “Memory Care” are being built, with nice views and amenities?  There are just selling points, so our children say that’s not too bad, you will like it here.  Knowing very well, that’s a crock, and maybe they will drop by every month of 2. “Alzheimer’s And A Lady Named Grace” lived to the age of 90, but for the last 10 years there was simply nothing there.


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  1. As my Aunt, the Lady named Grace, introduced to me the love of Nature, and why we should protect it like we would protect a family member. Years later I understood exactly what she meant, and from that day to this one, I have been a strong-willed, proponent of protecting Mother Nature, in all her “forms” regardless of where you/we found her. She also taught me the value of dead seashells, these are what she used in her amazing artwork. She would wash the seashells out to remove the creature who had outgrown it but was not lucky enough to find another “host” before it’s time ran out. It’s uncanny how her life and the lives or “past” lives of what she loved to collect then produce fine artwork with, ran parallel with one another. They have yet to find a cure for Alzheimers, just like the small creature that had outgrown its host, a dead seashell, they both lost the battle of time. I will leave you with those thoughts, and if you want to leave thoughts of your own, you can see how simple it is to do so. Be Well

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